#YearofYou Course

Did you know you are completely capable of changing the outcome of your life?

All you have to do to change is (1) start and (2) keep going.

“But Ella, it is hard to always keep going.  How can I motivate and energize myself enough to do that?”

The answer: Habit

Habits are behaviours that become automatized, mindless, and unconscious.  They are your brain’s way of saying “I want to save energy by doing an action I already know how to do.” 

So why not take advantage of your brain’s way of saving energy by creating automatic habits in pursuit of reaching your goals?

Think of it like this:

Everyday you have a finite amount of energy tokens, and every time you do something physical or mental, it costs you a certain number of tokens. Well, when you create a habit, you automatize a behaviour meaning it requires less brain energy for you to complete.  So, for example, instead of spending 2 energy tokens cleaning the bathroom or making dinner, you can turn your actions into habits that only require 1 energy token.

The more habits you create, the more energy tokens you save and use in other aspects of your life.  How neat is that?

In this 6 day course, you are going to learn the formula for making and breaking habits. Through the implementation of granular goal setting and immediate gratification, your personal development activities will eventually become mindless habits. And once aspects of your personal development become habitual, you will be able to put your willpower and energy into other aspects of your life. 

Ultimately, the power of habit can help you automatize and simplify your personal growth!

The Power of the #YearofYou

Automate repetitive tasks

strengthen neural connections

optimize your energy

navigate your personal road map

What's Included in the Course:

When you sign up for this course you’ll get:
  • A full and detailed breakdown of the Habit Formula;

  • 6 hours of live coaching with me – 5 consecutive days and 1 follow-up day a week later (priced at $522 CAD);

  • Daily video content for the 5 consecutive days of coaching (priced at $150 CAD);

  • 3 habit-building activity worksheets (priced at $45 CAD);

  • 24/7 interaction with me over a 12-day period – from Day 1 until Day 6 with the Individual Option (priceless);

  • Concrete steps which will allow you to apply the habit formula to your daily life (priceless); and,

  • You will discover at least 1 bad habit you can break or a good habit you can create by the end of the 6 days of coaching (priceless).
That said, you’d think the course would cost at least $ 717 CAD … but not for you!

You're only paying...

The #YearofYou is offered as individual coaching or as group coaching with 3 to 4 participants.  Read more about each option below to choose the one best suited for you 🙂


group coaching


Individual coaching

Here’s what you’ll be learning in the #YearofYou Course:

– DAY 1 –

  • What is habit and how is it different from routine?
  • How do habits work in your brain? (taking a look at the basal ganglia and the caudate nucleus)
  • Habit and non-declarative memory
  • The 6 types of habit
  • Why habits foster personal growth instead of personal development
  • Activity 1 – Habit Audit

– DAY 2 –

  • The Habit Formula element 1 – the cue
  • Spoon Theory and Habit
  • Dissecting the context for bad habits and creating the context for good habits
  • How to “un-believe” limiting thoughts then learn how to implement new growth-mindset beliefs
  • Activity 2 – Cataloguing the Context (continues over days 2 to 5)

– DAY 3 –

  • The Habit Formula element 2 – the routine
  • The power of visualization and balancing the elements of your habit formula
  • Getting granular and how to act without motivation
  • The power of stimulus-expected responses procedures
  • Creating habitual thoughts and associations to strengthen neural connections and create new connections

– DAY 4 –

  • The Habit Formula element 3 – the reward
  • Immediate vs. Delayed Gratification
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards 
  • The dopaminergic effect
  • The caudate nucleus and it’s relation to reward

– DAY 5 –

  • The Habit Formula element 4 – repetition
  • Habit Stacking and Reverse Habit Stacking
  • Activity 3 Calibrating Context (implementing your new habit formula)

– DAY 6 (one week later)-

  • Following-up your progress
  • Reviewing your habit journey and further dissecting to identify existing bad habits
  • Two gifts for you!

"But Ella, I work full-time and only have a few free hours in my day... will i be able to manage this course?"

You will definitely be able to manage! 

As long as you can fit a 1 hour coaching session into your day, how much time you put in after that hour is completely up to you. Plus if you choose the group option, sessions are recorded and available for viewing for up to 30 days.

One of the coolest parts about this course is that you complete it as you go throughout your usual schedule — you do not have to carve-out additional time in your day to gain value and learn.

Change what you can control

The “year of you” is not about avoiding negative experiences or having the “best” year of your life.  Rather, the #YearofYou is about creating personal growth in the face of adversity and being resilient after experiencing challenges.

The #YearofYou is about committing to yourself that, regardless of circumstances you cannot control, you will change what you can control. That process starts with reflecting on your daily habits.  Are you ready to start reflecting?

Here's What #YearofYou Course Graduates are Saying

"Before I did Ella's coaching I read a few books on habit so I was eager to learn more from her. Ella's coaching was so helpful because she explained all the details about breaking and creating habits. I began gained value from this course immediately. Thank you Ella for this course - I needed this framework in my life. So useful!"
Lena Elsborg
"I am so thankful for my habit coach Ella who has finally helped me breakdown my goals into easy and manageable habits. Most importantly, I've made it a habit of reflecting on my habits so that I can continue to replace the bad ones and create new good ones."
Tawnie Golic
"The #YearofYou Course introduced me to a whole new perspective on habit and making goals in only 5 days! Ella discusses not only the nature of habit, but exactly how you can change old habits and form new ones. This course will benefit anyone who wishes to refresh their life through habit!"
Klara V.
"Taking Ella's habit course has really opened my eyes to so many things I can improve on in my life, and she has simplified the way I think about them. Taking her advice and learning how to breakdown "why I do what I do" is a huge game changer for me!"
Bridget chiovari

So what do you say?

Are you ready to make this the #YearofYou?

Habit coach standing in front of a bookshelf, holding sign that says "I believe in you".
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