The Key to Getting Started

The Key to Getting Started

What is your mid-afternoon goal?

I bet you’ve never been asked that before.

Let’s break that question down. I’m being serious. Because this is the key to self-development.

One small goal per day. Something you can easily achieve by mid-afternoon. That is all you need to get started.

Forget about the 2 year plan, the 6 month plan, and the 30 day challenge. If you’re having trouble finding momentum, then all you need to do is set one little mid-afternoon goal.

“But why Ella?”

Because it is a million times easier to lose 0.5 lbs than it is to lose 30 lbs. And it is no sweat to save 75 cents as opposed to 300 dollars.

All you have to do is create one, easy-to-accomplish goal, and complete it daily. Write it down, set a reminder in your phone, or just remember it really well. I don’t care how you get there, just get there.

If you can be pragmatically optimistic about your goals, you will (believe it or not) have a hard time failing in life.

When you give yourself a realistic amount of time to accomplish goals, your achievements will literally multiply. As a result, endorphins will pump to your brain DAILY, you will feel INCREASINGLY confident about your actions, and the momentum you create will make reaching your next goal EASIER.

Before you know it, that 1 lbs a week will turn into 12-14 lbs in 3 months. And that 75 cents a day will turn into $ 273.75 dollars in 1 year.

Congratulations my friends – you are now on your way to success.

…Still need help getting started? Well let’s work together! I am open for new coaching clients, so if you’d like a free consultation, shoot me an email at telling me you’re in, then I’ll send my calendar to book something 🙂

So let’s face the day, kick some a**, and reach our mid-afternoon goals!

And as always, Happy Monday!

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