– Jason D, Ottawa –

Authentic and Bold Ella speaks with beautiful authenticity and her story will humble and inspire all! Her vulnerability and boldness is encouraging.  If you want to fuel your passion and get motivated, just listen.

– Anne W., Ottawa –

A Natural Speaker I was so impressed with Ella’s talk about her brain injury — she was so natural and really connected with the audience.  I teared up listening to her story.  Her positive spirit really shined through.

– Aaron B., Ottawa –

Inspiring! I am so glad I attended Ella’s talk on the difficulties she faced as a teenager – partially due to a rare brain injury – and her challenging recovery process.Ā  The talk inspired me to push myself even harder to overcome any challenges in my life and to finally start taking daily actions to …

– Lauren, Ottawa –

A Charismatic and Honest Speaker Ella is a charismatic speaker who also speaks honestly and openly.  Hearing her story put me in tears and I left her talk stronger knowing there are people like her in the world.  Her passion and conviction shines in her message.

– Mel, Ottawa –

The “Ella Effect” I had the honour of asking Ella to speak at my workplace.  What I witnessed was something I have affectionately dubbed the magical “Ella Effect” — I watched the crowd become energized as she shared her story.  Ella is one of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard and also a one-of-a-kind …