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A Message for Youth Brain Injury Survivors

It’s AVM Awareness month which means I have a message for the youth.  If you, someone you know, someone you teach, employ, or live with is recovering from a brain injury, please watch the video below. As a survivor myself, I want to make sure young survivors have tactical steps to accelerate their recovery.   If …

Manage Suicidal Thoughts with These Three Steps

https://youtu.be/3Otmn5poSRw The video above is a reading I did of an article previously published on my blog. The steps discussed transformed my life for the better.Ā  Please share this video with anyone who you think these steps would help.

Don’t be afraid of the light (3 tactical steps for improving your mental health)

Here is a piece I wrote which was originally printed in Transition Magazine – a publication by Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan Division.Ā  I hope you enjoy. Don’t be Afraid of the Light Do you have any fears? Are you scared of anything so much that it makes you want to run as fast as …

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How Schools can Teach Mental Health (without compromising the current curriculum)

Aloha and welcome back to my blog! If you’re new here, welcome, my name is Ella and I help you retrain your brain! If you don’t know anything about me yet, back in 2008 I survived a hemorrhagic stroke and a slew of mental health struggles before and after that. It took me until 2018 …