Like Minded

What is Like Minded?

Like Minded is a membership program for brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers. Like Minded includes authors, nutritionists, yoga instructors and clinicians who are passionate about filling in the gaps of post stroke and post TBI care.

Like Minded Leaders are survivors themselves or caretakers with intimate understanding of the recovery experience. These individuals have realised that their unique journey with brain injury granted them access into a very special community. The brain injury community is a supportive group of people who have been through it all and come out the other side with a burning desire to help you through this difficult time.

How many classes will there be?

Like Minded has at least 16 classes per month (including 1 class a month taught by me).  There may be more classes available as more leaders join this collaborative effort.

Who should join?

  • Brain Injury Survivors
  • Post Stroke Thrivers
  •  Brain Cancer Warriors
  • Brain Surgery Fighters
  • TBI Soldiers
  • (“Mild” TBI) Concussion Conquerors
  • Persons who have had some brain injury at any time in their past who need a supportive community.
  • Caregivers who need support and want to learn more about their loved ones lived experience.
  • Survivors who feel like giving up.
  • Survivors who feel like moving forward.
  • Newbie Brain Injury Warriors
  • Long term “in maintenance warriors”

About Jane Connely, OTR/L

Like Minded was founded by Jane Connely, OTR/L.  Jane is a Occupational Therapist and neuro specialist in San Luis Obispo, CA. Jane graduated from University of Southern California with her MA in Occupational Therapy in 2013. Her experience working with persons post brain injury pushed her to continue her training to become neuro-developmentally trained (NDT) beginning in 2015 and after 140 classroom hours finished her training in January of 2018 through recovering function.

Through her work, Jane found the current system discharges survivors based on insurance rather than need, which caused a cycle of readmissions and increase in debility. The unmet needs of the brain injured population in San Luis Obispo County led her to begin Heal The Brain With Jane. 

Heal The Brain With Jane values current research regarding neuroplasticity and the practical application of this research in the daily lives of the brain injury survivor. Our organization understands that brain injury recovery is a delicate balance of physical, cognitive, and emotional health. All aspects must be addressed in order for the survivor to reach the highest level of recovery. Additionally, it is vital that this population receives continued care as recovery requires continued maintenance. 

There are Three Ways to Take a Like Minded Class

Benefits of a Single Class Include:

The ability to “test out” Like Minded and see if it’s right for you.

Flexibility to choose a class that fits your schedule

Join in whenever you’d like and get to know and learn from Like Minded people

Membership Benefits Include:

Unlimited Access to Skill Based Workshops

There are at least 16 classes per month.  There may be more classes available as more leaders join this collaborative effort.

Membership Plus Benefits Include:

Unlimited Access to Skill Based Workshops.  All workshops are recorded so you can watch them even if you missed them live.

We will have at least 16 classes per month. We may have more as more leaders join this collaborative effort.

Access into a GroupMe text chain and private Facebook group

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