Fifty Shades of Monday

Fifty Shades of Monday

This is a follow-up to my last blog where I talked about Mondays being my favourite day of the week.


One of my friends asked if I could recommend more things for people to do on Mondays. So instead of listing off a few items, I decided to write a full list of 50 Things to do on a Monday. If you don’t feel like reading the whole list, at least read #49-50.


1. Yoga – My favourite is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has a whole series for beginners, and a class for pretty much anything else you can think of.

2. Bullet journalling (or using an organizer/agenda) – When Monday comes along, I open my journal and flip to a beautiful new blank week. Then I get to create my schedule the way I want!

3. High Intensity Interval Training – My ABSOLUTE favourite trainer for these types of workouts is Melissa Bender. Check her out on YouTube as well as her blog at BenderFitness. Her workouts are ALL done at home so you don’t need a gym membership or any fancy equipment.

4. Take-up a recreational sport – check out what your local rec centre has to offer. You can usually find sports year round at a reasonable price. And don’t be afraid to try a sport you never played before!

5. Read – whether it’s a physical book or an audio book, you can’t go wrong here. I recently discovered that YouTube has lots of audiobooks for free.

6. Listen to motivational content online – whether you drive or walk to work, you can definitely hype yourself up by listening to motivational content duting your commute. One of my favourites is Patrick Bet-David. His YouTube channel is called Valuetainement!

7. Stretch – Before getting ready for work or eating breakfast, try alotting 7-10 minutes to do a full body stretch. It will get your blood flowing and your muscles feeling ready to face the day.

8. Colour – Yup, you heard me, break out those crayola crayons for this activity. You can purchase “adult” colouring books on Amazon and at Chapters.

9. Read the news – I honestly try to avoid this one because every news report seems biased, BUT if you have time to check out a few news sources, maybe you’ll find at least one thing to research and gain more knowledge on the subject.

10. Eat your favourite breakfast – What better way to start a week than to eat your favourite food? If you don’t have time to do this in the morning, try to get it ready the night before (even if that means pre-scrammbling eggs and putting them in a jar to cook in the morning).

11. Wake-up your brain by playing a game like sudoku or crossword (you can download these games onto your phone from the app store).

12. Walk to work – change up your regular routine and walk to work if you can! Can’t walk? Take a little stroll on your lunch break.

13. Make a big a** salad for dinner. Get in the vitamins and nutrients your body craves on the first day of the week.

14. Eat a smoothie for breakfast – again, get in those vitamins!

15. Try a fast – Hold out on food until dinner time, and drink lots of water. You may be surprised how refreshed you feel!

16. Watch a documentary – instead of your normal Monday night sitcom.

17. Do a puzzle – another great way to stimulate your brain!

18. Make your favourite dinner.

19. Go to a cafe with a book or your laptop.

20. Take a bath

21. Make a dish with an ingredient you’ve never used before.

25. Do your grocery shopping – seriously! I prefer getting my groceries on weekday evenings because it is so quiet at the store. Plus most stores put out fresh produce on Mondays so you get first dibs.

26. Paint night. Painting is a cheap hobby to get into. You can buy everything you need at the dollarstore, and follow a Bob Ross YouTube video at home! Alternatively, you can buy a ticket for Paint Nite (this is also a great date idea).

27. Go to a board game cafe, or just grab some friends and play at your house!

28. Sign-up for a Masterclass or for Skillshare to learn a new skill. Both sites have every class imaginable so you’ll have no shortage of options.

29. Make some buttery popcorn and watch an old movie.

30. Make something from scratch! There are tons of sites and books that teach you how to make things like soap, deodorant, household cleaners, bathbombs etc!

31. Knit or crochet – Try making a dishcloth. You can use the most basic stitch and it can be done in 1 night!

32. Start a gratitude journal. Find an empty journal and each day write down what you are grateful for.

33. Call a friend and chat with them.

34. Call your mom or dad! I guarentee you’ll make their day.

35. Go see a movie at the cinema. Pro tip: see if you can find a cinema that plays older films. Or find a cinema that serves drinks while you watch the movie in a comfy armchair.

36. Meditate – Not sure how? Your local buddhist temple may have classes, or download the app Headspace to your phone.

37. Compliment somebody – You have no idea how good this makes you feel until you try it. And you will likely make the other person’s day.

38. Wash your bed sheets – Laundry isn’t fun, I know. But how can you not love jumping into freshly washed bed sheets on the the first day of the week?

39. Sit on your balcony or look out the window and admire the night sky. Realize how amazing it is that you are a living, INTELLIGENT organism in the big wide universe you’re looking at.

40. As soon as you wake up, tell someone you love them and that you hope they have a great day. Do this because you genuinely mean it. And tell them what a great friend/partner they are to you.

41. Join a club. Not sure where to find one? I highly recommend the app, “Meet-up” to see what’s close to you.

42. Join an art class. Your local community centre will probably offer inexpensive classes.

43. Join a professional club like Toastmasters.

44. Check-out EventBrite for any and all events in your area! I loveeee this app!

45. Love coffee? How about trying a tea! Switching up your normal habits is a great way to stay motivated and stimulated.

46. Create a vision board/write down your goals.

47. Open a self-directed investment account.

48. Go to the library!

49. Follow my blog! And read my latest post as I usually post every Monday.

50. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t make me tell you what that is because I am NOT you. Deep down in your heart you know exactly what you want to be doing right now. And there is no way you can give me an excuse as to why youre not doing it. If you work your a** off it WILL pay off. Maybe not in 1 year or even 5 years, but use your time wisely and fulfillment will come.

Work hard and spread the love! Happy Monday!


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