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Use your mind to retrain💪 your brain🧠 by harnessing the power of habit!

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Use this 3-step system to finally achieve your rehab goals!

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution, only to lose steam after a few months?  You know, like when you tell yourself “I’m going to do my therapy exercises every day this year,” but then March rolls around and you’re no longer able to maintain your resolution. Well, in my 13 years …

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Making Rehab Rewarding: The gamification of post-stroke recovery

Whew – what a week! You’ve been challenging yourself everyday and now you want to end your week doing something fun.  So, you fire-up your Motus Nova® Home Rehab System and start playing! “Hold on, did you just say start playing?” Yes, you heard me right – Motus Nova® has developed an interactive game-like system …

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Is telehealth revolutionizing post-stroke rehabilitation?

When someone survives a stroke, the repercussions extend beyond the need for immediate care – survivors are often left requiring countless hours of rehabilitation in order to successfully regain function.  That means both stroke survivors and caregivers are stuck with the energy-draining responsibility of scheduling appointments, arranging travel to-and-from clinics, and spending hard-earned money simply …