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Use your mind to retrain💪 your brain🧠 by harnessing the power of habit!

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Making Rehab Rewarding: The gamification of post-stroke recovery

Whew – what a week! You’ve been challenging yourself everyday and now you want to end your week doing something fun.  So, you fire-up your Motus Nova® Home Rehab System and start playing! “Hold on, did you just say start playing?” Yes, you heard me right – Motus Nova® has developed an interactive game-like system …

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Is telehealth revolutionizing post-stroke rehabilitation?

When someone survives a stroke, the repercussions extend beyond the need for immediate care – survivors are often left requiring countless hours of rehabilitation in order to successfully regain function.  That means both stroke survivors and caregivers are stuck with the energy-draining responsibility of scheduling appointments, arranging travel to-and-from clinics, and spending hard-earned money simply …