Canada Road Trip!

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Canada Road Trip!

Day 1 – Ontario

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  • After 9+ hours of driving from Ottawa to Sudbury to Batchawana Bay, day one was an absolute success. The Big Nickel in Sudbury was really cool – I love when my country is recognized for things that aren’t “snow” and “Tim Horton’s” (not to say I don’t love a sprinkling of snow and a Boston cream donut). For anyone who has never driven through Northern Ontario, I highly recommend it. But be sure to find a place to stay for the night because driving through the twists and turns with no street lights is not fun!
  • We stayed the night in a beautiful resort called Salzburger Hof in Batchawana Bay (just before you get into Lake Superior Provincial Park). The location of the resort is superb especially if you’re looking to spend a few extra days. They also have an award winning Austrian restaurant which is a MUST TRY.

Day 2 – Ontario

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  • On day two we drove up and around Lake Superior towards Thunder Bay. We stopped at a small beach along the way as well as another scenic lookout. All the photos were taken with my Samung S7 or my Canon EOS T7i! My favourite part of this day was by far, Ouimet Canyon. The trail was beautiful and the view (as you can see in the photos) was GORGE-ous…get it? We ended up getting to Thunder Bay just before dark, then drove until 3 AM. At that point we stopped just past the border into Manitoba to sleep…in the uhaul…at a truck stop… Needless to say it was not comfortable but the 5 hours of sleep we got was much needed!

Day 3 – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta

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  • The final stretch! Day three we woke up at the truck stop and drove straight to Denny’s for some much needed breakfast and coffee. Shout-out to our waitress, Nancy, who was sooooo nice! Manitoba was quite flat, but the trees there began to change colours so I didn’t mind the drive.
  • Now… Saskatchewan was flat. To be honest, there was not much to see in Saskatchewan. BUT if you’re driving through on the highway, I recommend stopping at Pepper Tree Family Restaurant. They have a great menu, and they even make Chester’s Fried Chicken to-go! Of course I had the get the fried chicken, and let me tell you I’d go back in a heart-beat.
  • Finally, after driving all day, we arrived in Alberta. Fun fact: the city of Lloydminster is half in Saskatchewan and half in Alberta. We ended up getting there around 11 PM and woke up the next morning to snow!! Oh Canada….I don’t mind a sprinkling of snow but not in September! Thank goodness it melted and warmed up since. After just over a week of being in my new home, I am officially settled-in and ready to take on my next adventure. Give me some suggestions on where to travel within Alberta!

For anyone looking to do the same trip, I recommend giving yourself at least one extra day to enjoy Ontario.
We drove a 10′ Uhaul the whole way and spent just over $800 on gas. We saw prices at $1.40/L (which is crazy expensive) when we were in very remote in Northern Ontario. But if you budget your time and money accordingly, it will be an amazing adventure!

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