Are These the Most Important Personal Development Topics?

Are These the Most Important Personal Development Topics?

Personal development can be broken-down into a variety of different topics. And, learning why and when you should improve those topics will help you improve your personal development as a whole.

If you watched this week’s YouTube video, then you already know the first 9/12 most important personal development topics. And if you read ’til the end of this post, you’re going to learn about the importance of personal development topics importance level 10, 11, and 12!

If you agree or disagree with the order of these topics, let me know in the comment section below. (And don’t forget to check-out my personal order of topics at the bottom of this post).

Topic 10/12: Family / Relationships

For anybody who read my Habit Audit blog post from last week, you already know how important I think this topic is.

You see, you could be the most isolated introvert of all time, but if you live in any sort of society, at some point you are going to have to form some sort of relationship. Whether it be for one day, two months, three years, or a lifetime, forming good relationships can be incredibly advantageous to your well-being. In fact, a slew of research shows that family relationships in particular can influence your transition from adolescence to adulthood, your eating patterns, and how you create relationships with other people. So whether it’s your biological family, your foster or adopted family, or any guardian, caregiver or friend you have growing up, creating strong bonds with them can set you up for a more prosperous future.

Creating a good relationship means creating a mutually beneficial bond. If you feel like a relationship is (1) draining your energy or (2) unfulfilling to you, then maybe it is not a true relationship or maybe you aren’t meant to create a true relationship with that person. Ultimately that is up for you to decide.

It is also important to say that if you are in a relationship that needs fixing, you need to self-reflect on your personal qualities and characteristic first. Once you address the quality of your person, you can address the qualities of your relationships. Since a relationship involves you + at least one other, it can’t work properly if you are broken yourself.

And hey, if a relationship ends, sometimes that is for a reason. Maybe the people in the relationship grew apart; maybe the relationship fulfilled it’s purpose. And that leads me to the next topic on the list …

Topic 11/12: Purpose / Passion / Vision

Let me start by saying you do not have only one purpose in life.

As a human being, you are capable of fulfilling multiple purposes in your life. But that said, I do not recommend you focus on the importance of finding those purposes. Rather, I recommend you focus on the importance of the journey you take toward fulfilling a purpose.

Regarding passion, I believe this is something that should not necessarily be followed at all costs, but rather it should be somehow integrated into the multiple facets of your life. The more time you spend working on integrating your passion into each facet of your life, the more fulfilled you will be.

And of course, having a vision / goal in your life is only important if actually you take the action necessary to achieve that goal. And of course you do not have to achieve every goal you set for yourself in life, and yes goals can change. BUT you are completely capable of thinking of a way to meet your goal, even if that means modifying it slightly to fit your needs.

Topic 12/12: Assertiveness / Attitude

I think think this topic goes hand-in-hand with confidence, which was number one on the list. But I think there’s a negative connotation with the word assertive, which was why it was ranked so low.

Some people are naturally more assertive, but I’d say it is a good trait for everyone to development to some extent. Being assertive can mean standing up for yourself and what you believe in.

But since assertiveness is not and should not be sought after by everyone equally, a discussion on general attitude is most important.

I think having a realistically positive attitude is the best attitude you can have. Even when bad things happen, the ability to analyse things in a positive light can help you change your perspective and turn your rock bottom moment into your breakthrough.

Having a good attitude will attract other people with good attitudes. And when good attitudes come together, good energy is created. … And maybe that isn’t a technical analysis, but I’m sure you’ve felt the difference in energy when being around positive people versus being around negative people. The difference can change your mood, your outlook, your motivation, your confidence, the list goes on and on. So that said, maybe attitude deserves a higher place on this list?

Your attitude toward someone, something, or just life itself can shape much of your future; it is your attitude which determines the outcome of your output.

And since you made it to the end of this post, below is my ranking of personal development topics. Let me know if you agree with my list or the original list I reviewed, and as always, Happy Monday.

1. Belief
2. Attitude
3. Will to Forge Meaning
4. Self-Awareness
5. Confidence
6. Communication
7. Motivation
8. Attitude
9. Efficiency / Work Ethic

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